Why buy your Epos system from better price, Like the name says we have a beterprice for anything you need regarding epos systems and merchant services.We only deal with the top quality company’s ,bringing you top quality products.You can either buy your new epos system outright our take advantage of our easy monthly payment plans, Comes with a lifetime licence, with lifetime support  We will even input all your data for you and onsite staff training


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ICRTouch’s TouchPoint is the number one EPoS solution to enhance business in a Michelin starred restaurant, fast-food outlet, or for pop-up event catering. TouchPoint software is more than a decade in development and has sold more than 40,000 licenses.Use it on its own or pair it with TouchOffice, PocketTouch or TouchLoyalty to boost its key features. When it comes to dining out, TouchPoint’s got it covered… Incorporates a visual table plan across multiple dining areas and floors.Displays the status of any given table. Is it in use? How.much have diners spent? Has the bill been requeste..
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Elavon Increase Fees

Elavon have announced that they increasing there processing fees ,from March 2018, This could signifacantly hit your bottom line. With both mastercard and visa processing fees. Why pay more then you have to. Get a review today. The savings that you make can go on extra stock or even treat your family. 

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Countertop Card Machines
Having a countertop machine for your business will make for conveniently way for you to take card payments from your customers. Countertop card machines are slim in design and take up a small footprint on your desk. They are easy to handle with visual display so that you can moniter any key press. Counter top card machines have many benefits aimed at processing your customers orders quickly. Contact less processing will enable your customers to pay using their debit credit card without having to key in there pin code. They just show there credit card debit card to the pdq machine and the data..
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Features of Better Price  Merchant Solution POS Systems

A POS system consists of both, software and hardware and we specialize in both. BPMS is the leading POS system supplier in the UK and we have a wide variety of specialized systems for every business.As demanding work environments require quick processing of sales, your business can greatly benefit from a POS system. With numerous applications, it can be used in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, retail stores and supermarkets. Retail chains also  often use a POS network installation to link hundreds of stores or locations with a single system. This helps them update their inventory and modify prices throughout the chain, by making changes on only one device. Now that’s convenience!

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