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We have collected an extensive list of some of the most commonly used terms and acronyms in the EPOS industry, including a definition that explains what the term describes. If there are any additional terms or definitions that you feel should be included, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Adding client line to your merchant account will enable you to generate reports and monitor all your transactions through your card payment terminals                               ..
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  1. Introduction This guide has been produced to assist terminal installers and field engineers with their understanding of the Ingenico terminal range. The guide details the standard installation process, as well as listing some of the most common issues likely to be reported by merchants. 2. Glossary Term Meaning PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network IP Internet Protocol GEMS Global Estate Management System MAC Message Authentication Code MID Merchant Identification Number TID Terminal Identification Number DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol TMS Terminal Management..
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Lets get you up and running with your new point of sale epos system in a matter of minutes. The first thing you should do is have a pen and paper ready. This willl enable you to conduct a check list as you procede through the installation.  Make a note of how many boxes you have , this will aid the process for trouble shooting if there is anything missing. Unpack the boxes and keep all the contents near the corrosponding empty box. Check that all contents are correct,present and undamaged before moving away from your work area the packaging. The Epos system comes in three pieces>..