Alarm Installation Request



Top of the range Monitored Alarm Security System
Fully Installed from £199 +Vat  (Pay Nothing Unill Completely Satisfied With The Installation)   
You Get all these sensors


Sensors Business Residential
Portable Control Panel 1 1
Photo Detectors                1 2
Shock Sensors                      2 4
Key Fob Reader               1 1
Coloured Key Fobs        5 5
Remote Control              1 1
Zero Vision Fog Barrier   1 1
Internal Siren               1 1
Panic Button                    1 0
Pack of  Deterrent Signs 1 1
Verisure App                     1 1
24hr Guard Response 1 1
Total Installation Cost £199+vat £249 inc vat

Monthly Monitored for 49pm + VAT (30 Day Rolling Contract See here for terms)

Residential :
Monthly Monitored including service £39 inc Vat (30 Day Rolling Contract see here for terms)


Night Pack Free installation 4x Shock Sensors Free monitoring service for the first year then £2 per month
For Busineses, we can install for free Cloud Cam Pro , Service and Monitoring £4 per Month + vat

Alarm Installation Refund

You can claim the cost of installation after 60days of satisfactory completion. If the installation costs are claimed we will not pay any early exit fees as well. Installation costs are only refunded up to the maximum above costs, £199 business £249 residential



Alarm Rolling Contract Guarantee

We at Better Price want you to be completely satisfied  with your new alarm system,but understand when entering a contract especially for one that is 36 months can be a bit daunting,as lifestyles can change including financial status, As such we underwrite the Verisure agreement allowing you to have a rolling monthly contract

What Does This Mean? 

in simple terms it means that  30 days after installation and signing the contract with Verisure you are able to cancel without having to foot the bill for any early exit fees that Verisure might charge you.
All we ask is that.

  1. You let us know in the first instance that you are intending to cancel the contract by filling out this short form
  2. We will then instruct you to give Verisure notice that you intend to cancel the agreement with them
  3. Submit to us the final invoice from Verisure and proof that the invoice has been paid in full and agreement canceled in full
  4. We will then reimburse you the full cancelation invoice in full. 
  5. Installation costs are non refundable