Countertop Card Machines

Countertop Card Machines

Having a countertop machine for your business will make for conveniently way for you to take card payments from your customers. Countertop card machines are slim in design and take up a small footprint on your desk. They are easy to handle with visual display so that you can moniter any key press.
Counter top card machines have many benefits aimed at processing your customers orders quickly. Contact less processing will enable your customers to pay using their debit credit card without having to key in there pin code. They just show there credit card debit card to the pdq machine and the data is passed wirelessly allowing for super fast check-out.

Reciepts are automatically printed from the countertop card machine, for the customer and merchant. This will show the full transaction cost and time date of purchase.All transactions are stored within the pdq machine which can be printed out,usally at the end of each business trading day making accounting and booking more convenient.

PDQ process data quickly counter top card machines are usually leased on a contract between 12months and 60months.This is because the pdq machine will need to be kept PCI compliant which is one of the requirments imposed on anyone handling card data by the operating schemes.  


Countertop card machines

Take card payments at your counter

  • Fast, reliable and easy to use terminal
  • Plug into your phone/broadband line
  • A sleek body and professional look

Our secure and reliable Countertop card machine lets you process all major credit and debit cards directly from your sales counter.

Touch & Go.

Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard.

With almost 100 million Contactless cards now issued in the UK*, it's only right that our card terminals come with Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard. You might say that when it comes to taking payments, our card machines have got the magic touch



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