Police Requirements Security Alarm Systems

2.1 Type A - Remote Signalling Systems.
2.1.1 Systems should be monitored by Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs), Remote Video Response Centres (RVRC) and System Operating Centres (SOC). All centres must comply with BS 5979 (Cat II), or BS EN 50518 and BS8591 (Cat II).
2.1.2 Unique reference numbers (URNs) will be issued by police forces to systems monitored by these recognised centres. In the case of stolen vehicle tracking systems the URN will be allocated by NPCC Security Systems Group and issued, upon application, by police forces to the SOC not to each vehicle.
2.1.3 ARCs dealing solely with alarm systems within their own company premises (in-house monitoring), are exempt from the BS5979 Cat II certification provided:
a) The facility was operational with police consent prior to 31st October, 1995, and there has been no change of premises; and
b) There is no monitoring of any alarm or security device in premises other than those owned by that company, i.e. no 3rd party commercial risk is undertaken; and
c) The security systems are operated in accordance with all other aspects of these requirements.
2.2.1 Installation and monitoring companies that are not registered with their home force will be regarded as NON COMPLIANT. URNs will not be issued to security systems which operate outside procedures identified at Section 2.1.
2.3.1 To identify companies conforming to these requirements it is necessary for each police force to hold a list of compliant companies. Inclusion on the list does not amount to
4 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED – Revised Guidelines for Police Requirements & Response to Security Systems (APRIL 2018)
confirmation that the company or its work has been inspected by the police. Only companies listed may install, maintain and/or monitor Type A Systems in the relevant police area. Where a company loses police recognition under these requirements, its existing customers will have 90 days in which to make alternative maintenance/monitoring arrangements.
2.3.2 Companies applying for inclusion on the above list must do so using Appendix B and:
(a) Be inspected and recognised by an independent inspectorate body as detailed in paragraph 1.3.
(b) Not have as a principal or employ in the surveying, sale, installation, maintenance or administration of security systems, persons with criminal convictions (other than spent convictions). Appendix C sets out a procedure for the implementation of this requirement. It is a matter for individual Chief Constables to adopt this procedure and such adoption will be identified in Appendix A.
(c) Must be on the compliant list of the home force where their main office/HQ is situated, before applying for inclusion on the list of other forces outside their main police force area.
(d) Once accepted will take responsibility for ensuring the company updates itself with amendments to this document, which is reviewed annually.
(e) It is a requirement that all variations to company details, including change of inspectorate shall be notified within 28 days to the relevant police force.

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