Security Dummy Box

Dummy Box

Dummy security systems are a dummy box fixed on the outside of your property, which gives the impression that there is an active alarm system that is installed. Some dummy boxes come with a strobe light, which gives added assurance that there is an active alarm system installed in the property.

Pros Of Having A Dummy Alarm System

Having a dummy alarm is the most cost effective as you only need purchase a empty box with some sort of security logo printed on the outside of the box, If upgraded to a strobe these are batter operated strobe light in the box that will flash on and off continuously with a very low light emission.

Cons of Having A Dummy Alarm System

If you have a burglary there will be no deterrent sound or alert notification to anybody, Much the same of having no alarm system installed.


Would a Dummy Box provide ample security for you, your home and your family. Surveys show that Dummy Alarm boxex provide no deterrent and absolutely no security for your home or family. These are a complete waste of money , giving you a false sense of security. You may as well put the cost of dummy box on lottery

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