Bell Only Security Systems

Bell Only Alarms

Bell only alarms are alarms that will have a number of sensors in your home and siren fixed to the outside of your property.

Pros of having a Bell only security alarm system 

Relatively easy to install most bell only system will be wireless so that the inside detectors can Easley be fixed virtually anywhere in the property. Very low cost with an average bell only alarm system starting £99. 
Once a intruder enters your property and passes by one of the sensors the outside siren bell will sound usually limited 95db .

Cons of having a Bell only Security alarm system

If your sensors are activated the outside siren bell will sound, There is limit of the length of time the siren can be sounding ,This is usually 20mins with a cut off every 5mins. These types of alarms are prone to having faults and giving false alarms. Surveys show that neighbors at the best ignore alarms and in some cases report you to the council for noise pollution. If reported you can be fined up to £5000.

Questions you need to ask yourself before fitting this type of alarm.

1: What do expect to happen if your alarm is activated?
1a: How will you know if its a false alarm or real intruder?
2: Are you asking ,or have you asked your neighbors to either contact you or check your property if your alarm is activated.
3: Intruders know that most alarms will deactivate after 20mins. Enabling them to return knowing that the alarm will no longer be active.

Our Summary
The Bell only system is a waste of money. they only alert your neighbors or passerbys. Surveys shows that most are ignored with a good majority being reported as a noise nuisance . 







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