Business Funding

Looking for a Business Loan?

Why not to try our Friendly Finance!

Finally an alternative to conventional Business Loans. Decimal Factor can help you raise cost effective working capital for your business without the banks. Get the cash your business needs, when you need it.

What is Business Funding?

  • Refreshingly clear, unsecured
  • One simple cost – which doesn't change. Ever
  • Pay back only when you get paid – as a daily % of card sales via merchant card terminal
  • Customer friendly process, with funds within 7-10 days

Merchant and Business can receive working capital against future credit card sales. The Business Funding product provides to qualified businesses a financial service aimed at helping clients build and expand their business. Business Funding wants to establish itself as an alternative source of funding for businessmen/women, who know how important it is to maintain a fluid cash flow in their company.

Why Business Funding?

Business Funding Advantages

  • No security required
  • No audited accounts or tax returns required
  • No application fees or hidden charges
  • No fixed payments
  • No fixed term and no-payment penalties
  • Simple Application Process
  • Fast decision by real people i.e. no multi-level approvals

How do I know if I qualify?

In order to qualify, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Operating with payment terminals for at least 12 months
  • Processing at least £3,500 per month via card payments
  • Have at least 1year left on your lease
  • Processing 20+ transactions per month
  • Authorise our partner company to receive a portion of your daily future credit/debit card receipts until the Business Funding is paid

How can you use a Business Funding for?

Most of our customers use the money for business-building needs like adding more seats to their restaurants, advertising or stocking up on seasonal merchandise. Others have used it to buy out a partner or for emergency needs like unforeseen maintenance issues that could interrupt your business.

  • Purchase New Equipment
  • Purchase Inventory/ Seasonal Merchandise
  • Expand/ Remodel
  • Pay Off Debt/Taxes
  • Emergency Funding
  • Others