CAS ER-Plus 30Kg Veg Scoop Scale

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  • Brand: BP4U
  • Product Code: CS-ER30+VEG
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The ER-Plus 30Kg Veg Scale is powered by a supplied mains adaptor or an optional rechargeable battery.

This user friendly scale has a Veg scoop weighing up to 30Kg and is ideal for either fixed or mobile use.

  • Veg Scoop
  • Max capacity15Kg (0-6Kg in 2g increments, 6-15Kg in 5g increments then 15-30Kg in 10g increments)
  • 5 Direct Plus with 200 indirect Plus
  • Membrane keypad
  • Daily total functions
  • Calculation functions
  • Re-chargeable battery operation
  • Dimensions 305 (W) x 350(D) x 106(H)
  • Product weight (kg) 4.7

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