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Ezeepos For Bars & Wine Bars

By BPMS - 20 Feb 2023 317 0 comments
Ezeepos For Bars & Wine Bars

POS for Bars & Wine Bars.

Our EPOS system enables you to adapt, gain new customers, increase profit and remain future-proof.​

At Ezeepos, we provide you with everything you need to run your cafe shop business efficiently and effectively. In Bar businesses, it pays to be quick. 

Set-up and maintain your system easily. Our systems are designed to be as simple as possible. 

Get better insight into your business with real-time business reports that tells you all you need to know about your staff, product sales and profitability. 


iMin D3

Easy to use

An easy & intuitive Point of Sale that gives you full control over your business.

All in one

An all in one solution including Point of Sale software, hardware as well as credit card integration


Ideal for any start-up business or established business looking to minimise high upfront costs.

UK software

Our software is developed here in the heart of the UK by people who understand the Hospitality industry.

Flexible POS built for your industry.

Hospitality sector.

Cafe’s, Wine bars, restaurant’s, quick service, contract catering, exhibition catering, mobile catering, take-aways.

Imin Swan with Ezeepos

Order at table

Use the same software solution at table.

Our eZeepos software solution is designed to work on a range of iMin POS terminals.  Whether the device is landscape or portrait, large or small screen, eZeepos is designed to be totally transparent across your business.

Whether taking orders at the counter or at table, Ezeepos is designed to speed up operation but at the same time ensures accurate order processing.

Using the latest technologies but at the same time ensuring customer focus is important to every bar establishment.

Use eZeepos at table as part of your POS eco system.

iMin Swan with Pax A920

Credit card integration to eZeepos.

End to end credit card processing with eMerchantpay

eZeepos integrates with a number of eMerchantpay’s solutions.  Whether you are looking for a simple low cost card terminal linked to your iMin terminal or alternatively wish to operate eZeepos on eMerchantpay’s Pax A920pro terminal for Order & pay at table operation.

The eZeepos / eMerchantpay solution is right for any bar operation.

Easy to use

Simple and straight forward integration between eZeepos and emerchantpay card terminals


All emerchantpay card terminals offer contactless payment for faster card processing.

Apple & Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google pay enabled for customer purchases via their own mobile phone.

Not one POS fits all

We offer a range of POS terminals to meet your exact requirements

There is no POS terminal available that fits the requirement of every business.  That’s why we offer a full range of terminals that can be used in different parts of your business.  Whether you require a small screen device where space is of a premium or a terminal with a built-in printer or fully mobile.  Whatever your requirements or budget the iMin range has a product to meet your needs.

iMin M2 Pro

Screen Size

From 5.5″ to 15.6″ operator screens.  iMin hardware offer a POS terminal to meet every requirement of the hospitality businesses

Integral Receipt Printer

Where space is at a premium, POS hardware with integral printers take up minimum space and reduce cable clutter..


Ethernet, bluetooth and Wifi connections are available as standard. Some terminal offer 4G connection where other alternatives are not available

Credit Card Terminal

Ezeepos has been developed to operate on the PAX A920pro credit card terminal. Ideal for service at the table or remote locations 

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