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The Sam4s magnetic dallas reader makes it easier for your staff to log into your epos system

Payment Options:  You can either pay in full or lease purchase this product, with only 3 months payment as deposit required and the balance can be spread over 36 months typicale  monthly repayments are £50pm.

Colour : You can chose your own color scheme for your new epos system. 

Hardware Set-up:  We will ensure that all your new hardware is configured propely and test all communications through your new hardware devices

Set-Up Menues/Products: We can set up your menus on your epos system to the same format as your printed menus. We can group/list your products to your requirements

On Site Instalation All hardware will be unpacked and installed at your prefarred location. We will utilize wire management system and ensure that all deviceses are comunacating with each other , Software licence will be checked and ensuring that the very latest version is installed

P2C J-100 colour coded system  
Our P2C systems provide a perfect blend of chic design and vibrant colour to suit any surroundings, as well as the latest cutting edge power and style needed to enhance the quality of your business.


  • IP66 bezeless flat screen to protect against water spillages and allow for quick and easy wiping.Allblackepos
  • Fanless technology to enable perfect heat dispensation, with no moving parts that could break or be clogged up by dust.
  • 2.0GHz Intel Celeron quad core processor to provide businesses with speedy low power technology.
  • 64 GB SSD for reliable and protective storage.
  • Product Warranty: 3 Years



VFD Customer Display

The VFD customer display panel offers businesses to vividly display orders to the customers, providing complete transparency as well as enhancing the overall customer experience.Front Display


  • 2 line, 20 column VFD type customer display panel.
  • Integrates with the P2C C-100 range.
  • Perfect for a busy business environment.
  • Product Warranty: 1 year

Sewoo LK-TS400 thermal receipt printer (220mm/s print speed)  
The TS400 printer offers a chic and compact design, all combined with spacing-saving capability that will provide a perfect fit for any business.

  • Small and compact design to enable businesses to save space on your counter, this reliable and robust printer offers front paper loading and exit which offers businesses flexibility.
  • Spillproof function that provides superior resistance to spill with a sealed top for extra protection.
  • High speed printing at a rate of 220mm per second which will save time in a rapid service environment like a restaurant or busy retailer.
  • ESC/POS command compatible to enable a high level of compatibility with most POS hardware.
  • Product Warranty: 3 Years

VK-410 Sliding cash drawer  
Made from the highest quality heavy gauge steel, our industry standard sliding cash drawer  is small enough to fit in a bar or counter and large enough to ensure security, our cash drawers are a must have for any business.
Cash Drawer

  • 4 note / 8 coin
  • Standard RJ11 connection
  • 24V (suitable for printer and EPOS connection)
  • 3-position lock (with 2 keys)
  • OPEN/CLOSE microswitch detector
  • Product Warranty: 1 Year


P2C Terminal


  • Fanless design
  • IP66 Spash Screen
  • Standard Black terminal
  • Flexible & Reliable
  • Secure & Fast
  •   Over 30 Years Development
  • Over 100,000 installs nationwide
3″ Thermal receipt printer

Durable cash drawer


Simplified maintenance due to the harness and minimzed screws within the system
Cool, quiet Fanless method implemented
Simple and clean wiring for peripheral connections.
Customizable display
Replace Body and stand replacement with One Touch.
Instantly switched to wall-mount, after detaching from stand.
Secure Readability
Gently move the screen up, down, left, and right monitor for customers according to eye level improving readability.
Security Feature
Built-in protection for illegal use.(Site designation Possible)
Supports PC/SC support, IC Card Reader.
Magnetic Stripe Data Encryption Feature Support (AES).
Left and right I / O port access placement is easy and port placed in a dedicated MSR (MiniUSB), SR Interface (Serial & USB) cable changeable without altering
Control port-installed to support Cash drawer.
Default interface is USB and RS232 is available by CMOS setting
Smart all-in-one combination for MSR, SCR and Dallas key
(MSR + SCR + Dallas key as well as MSR, SCR and MSR + SCR)
2nd LCD display
2 line, 20 column VFD type customer display panel.
10inch and 15inch LCD display support
1024 × 768 Resolution
Ultra slim bezel and case design
tilt and swivel adjustment bracket structure support
VFD type
20 columns × 2 lines
MSR designed Body family look
Tilt & angle adjustment bracket structure
OPOS support
tilt and swivel support

Our leasing arrangements make a great way for you to get up and running with a state of the art Epos systems.The Leasing arrangement is over a period of 36months after this time you will own your products outright. Our processing lease aggreement is £100 which should be added to the total lease requirement.

Leasing arrangements are processed and maintained by Kennet Leasing, you will, therefore, be subject to their terms and conditions.

Typicle Leasing arrangement will work as followers.

You choose all your products from our website,
Example total shopping basket £1500 excluding Vat

Lease re-payments over 36months  £60 per month

Deposit  £180

Only hardware and sofware are available for lease purchase

Any delivery charges installation, epos configuration will need to be paid for at the point of sale 

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