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Verisure Alarm Technology offers you maximum protection and control over your security, from the comfort of your own home or from wherever you are in the world.

Verisure Alarm is the only alarm on the market with a cutting edge Control Panel and built-in Speaker. If there is an emergency you can contact us just by pressing the SOS button and we will assist you immediately. You can also take the Control Panel to a safer room in your house or business and contact our 24h Alarm Receiving Centre from there.

If the alarm is triggered by an intrusion, our Alarm Receiving Centre will activate the Speaker and listen to what is happening inside of your house or business.

The Photo Detector is equipped with a mini-camera and built-in flash that enables the alarm to capture sequences of colour images, even at night.

When the alarm is activated, any movement will be recorded as an image sequence. You can also take images of your home /business whenever you like by simply using ‘My Verisure’ App on your mobile, laptop or tablet.


With our Shock Sensor you can protect gates, doors and windows whether you are in the building or not. Thanks to our “Shock Sensor” Technology, the sensor will detect any intrusion even before it happens.

Our Perimeter Detectors protect access to the outside areas of your home like your front and back garden, internal courtyard, terrace, pool etc. If it detects anything out of the ordinary it triggers a loud siren. The detectors are fitted with an infra-red movement sensor. If the alarm goes off, the detectors send a signal to Verisure Alarm Receiving Centre.


Our High Power Siren generates a very loud noise and it is installed independently from the Control Panel, making it very difficult for the burglars to locate an deactivate


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